C.P.D - Challenge.To.Present.Differently

Lizzie presents with coffee and cake @Sodalondon

Lizzie presents with coffee and cake @Sodalondon


Three out of four of the Directors of Shape are Architects. As such, we have sat through many of CPD's in the office covering a range of topics, some of interest, others less so. In the past year, we have started our own CPD series; a complete role reversal! Shape wanted to present  differently - gone are the lunches of quietly munching lunch whilst taking in the CPD presentation. Instead, we considered the time poor, content driven generation to provide a "mobile CPD",  presented during a coffee break or before evening drinks, as a response to the needs of Architects and Designers.  

Step into our presenters shoes, we talked to Lizzie, Director at Shape.

So what does a Shape CDP entail? 

"Learning from experience, we like to keep our CPD's short and sweet (30 mins max) with a lot of visual content. This includes images from our projects, a photographic narrative of our work processes, a virtual visit to our workshop and an open feedback session to discuss how we can respond to a practice's design and making needs."

How do you find presenting to different practices?

"Presenting to a room full of experienced design professionals is dynamic and challenging.  Every practice is different, and it is exciting to see how Shape can work with each practice to assist in the delivery of the bespoke joinery contracts. We also have understood that our model needs to be adaptable, organic to work with each practice".

"Since starting our CPD,  we have learnt a lot about how different practices operate, procuring joinery, working with contractors and managing a strict programme. The great thing to hear is that we all struggle with similar issues as architects and as fabricators. We totally understand and sympathize with procurement and budgeting challenges. We look to creatively solve both issues, by utilizing our talented team of designers and makers."

The very concept of Shape London was born out of the same struggle, however Shape acted as a tool to support the studio at Fraher Architects with interior packages. Shape are now able to support design practices across London in a similar way. We hope to provide a welcome relief from the usual, and present the CPD that you remember!

Please contact the office to discuss booking in Shape London: lizzie@shapelondon.co