Raw Spirit



Shape have designed, fabricated and fitted an intensive range of joinery for a range of clients across London, from bars to bedroom joinery. When Mike and Tim approached us last year, we were presented with a very different kind of project. They had acquired an old horsebox wished to completely strip it out, transforming it into a cocktail bar.

Shape met with Mike and Tim to find out more about their bar concept - Raw Spirit. Both are rugby players, therefore naturally health conscious and careful what they put in their bodies to ensure they're in 'shape' to play and train. They noticed at matches that vendors would sell sugary cocktails and beers but there didn’t seem to be a healthier alternative. Tim and Mike discovered a niche in the market and jumped on it. They wanted to offer a healthy cocktail, made from 100% cold pressed fruit & vegetable juice with no added syrups, sugars or flavourings, mixed with premium spirits. Raw Spirit was born and Shape started developing the concept further.

Mirna, one of our designers at Shape, explains the design concept and material choices further. 

'We wanted the interior of the horsebox to reflect the honesty of their concept and to be true to the materials we would select. The guys were keen to accentuate some of the horsebox features and bring through an industrial aesthetic, we also looked for inspiration from the layout of traditional greengrocers and pharmacies. Shape developed the material palette with a modern approach. We kept the material palette simple and neutral, utilising Birch ply and Glacier White Corian to achieve a clean ‘Raw’ backdrop for storing and showcasing the colourful ingredients. We surveyed the horsebox and started developing the concept and looked at how they could best maximise the amount of storage and display space. It was a challenge, we needed to fit in all of the necessary equipment and allow enough area for working whilst maintaining an uncluttered, clean aesthetic. All low level doors were designed to slide, which made working in the van as efficient and easy as possible. We combined a couple of themes when specifying luminaries. We used old style bulkhead lighting on the exterior and created a built in light-box, both of which resonate an industrial aesthetic, balanced with a clinical and minimal approach for the internal ceiling and feature lighting. When it came to fitting out the horsebox, the Birch Ply cladding on the walls and ceiling were a particularly intricate task, ensuring no further head height was lost.' 

A couple of months on from completion, Mike and Tim have successfully served at a number of games and events. We are delighted to hear that the space is working to their needs, and that our empathetic and tailored approach to the joinery has helped to assist in creating an organised space which allows for efficient workflow, without compromising on style. Raw Spirit will be hosting at a number of rugby matches and events over the next coming year and are bookable for hire, so get down and see it for yourself and try one of their refreshing cocktails!