The Little Brother Playbox

In collaboration with Fraher Architects, Shape created a bespoke compact installation for the 2017 Clerkenwell Design Week, our offering – The Playbox.

Design approach:

The Playbox was initially presented as a 1200mm x 600mm unit, based on a standard double cupboard. The concept manipulates and activates each elevation in every detail. The Playbox stores items that support the user’s experience, facilitating a place to entertain, socialise, learn and play. It was conceived as a mobile unit that would transform any space occupied. Two Play boxes were created,  a ‘ Big Sister’ 1200mm x 1200mm unit and a ‘Little Brother’ 1200mm x 600mm unit.

The Little Brother acted as a unique mobile showroom for Peronda. This Playbox was clad in cork, which was very tactile to handle all users. It facilitates users to browse the tiles in an engaging environment, with users exploring both the box and its contents. 

Both Playboxes are fully bespoke, we are delighted with the responses and intrigue created by these initial prototypes. We are looking to further develop the Playbox to fulfill a number of user needs, including trade shows, pop up event space and outdoor entertaining.


- Cork

- Birch Plywood  


Adam Scott



Freytag Anderson

Freytag Anderson, Southblock Studio 120, 60 Osborne Street, Glasgow, G15QH