Behind Closed Doors

Design approach:

We collaborated with Hakwood to deliver an exciting, interactive installation at Clerkenwell Design Week named ‘Behind Closed Doors.’

The installation designed and fabricated by Shape, was a miniature street-scape that drew inspiration from the Dutch home of Hakwood as well as ourSouth East London Design Studio.

The decorative houses will be clad with Hakwood Wall Tiles where each house had its own unique pattern sharing the same colour pallet. Each house includes a small door revealing a series of miniature interiors designed by various architects from our Dragon Fly Place Collective. The hidden rooms were placed at various heights to invite visitors to interact with the installation and ‘discover’ all the rooms. Each of these miniature scenes contained Hakwood flooring and was decorated by a different architecture practice from the South East London community to create a true mix of design styles.


- Hakwood Wall Tiles

- Birch Plywood

- Architects Interior Models

Photography :

Adam Scott