Our Top Colour Palettes

Colour palettes

Choosing a colour palette can be one of the most difficult and crucial decisions for your project. Below are three of our favourite palettes that we have used over the years. Hopefully it can give you some inspiration and guidance as to what to pair with what, and how to achieve the aesthetic and feel you’re looking for.

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Neutral Zen

From left to right: House on the Hill and The Reflection.

A neutral colour palette can offer versatility and an effortlessly peaceful feel to a space. 

These are some of our most requested palettes, this may be because they are easy to maintain and have a timeless feel that allows owners to easily update or incorporate new ideas later on.

Bringing the outdoors in with soft textures like limestone and oak veneer is a gentle nod to nature, creating a relaxing atmosphere that serves as an escape from the busyness of everyday life.



Neutral Bold

From left to right: The Hidden House and The Midsummer Kitchen

Neutral Bold contrasts modest materials such as natural look oak, with bold accents such as the black worktops in The Hidden House, or striking stand-out pieces such as this Emperador Grey Marble used in The Midsummer kitchen.

These moody contrasting designs may not be as daring as you think. For instance, if you have a dark worktop or graphic wallpaper you want to use but feel worried it may overwhelm the space, pairing it with a more neutral backing may be the way to let the product sing without overpowering the room. 

Lighting is particularly important in keeping these palettes from feeling too dark or heavy. In both of these examples, concealed LED strip lighting helps soften and spotlight different areas of the design.


Classic Glamour


From left to right: The Rosa Apartment and The Artist’s House

Classic glamour represents the ultimate timeless look for a home. From chalky colours to shaker doors, the classic glamour kitchen is a very elegant style that works in country houses and city flats.

Using Bronze or Brass hardware is a wonderful accent to these classic colour combinations. Reeded glass is a great way to incorporate additional visual interest and offer decorative storage for your glasses or crockery. This elegant technique adds to the luxury aesthetic of the kitchen.



These are just some of our top palettes, every home (just like you) is unique! Play around with colour and texture to find something that you love and works well for you and your family. Making up mood boards can help you visualise different ideas, why not head over to our Pinterest page and create some today?!











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