Behind Closed Doors

In collaboration with Hakwood, Shape created a bespoke compact installation ‘Behind Closed Doors’ for the 2018 Clerkenwell Design Week. ‘Behind Closed Doors’ was a 3.2 m high installation, designed and fabricated by Shape, offering a miniature street-scape that drew inspiration from the Dutch home of Hakwood as well as the location of Shapes’ previous South East London Design Studio. Each house included a small door revealing a series of miniature interiors designed by various architects from Shape’s Dragonfly Place Collective, demonstrating that any interior is an open door for creative inspiration.

The pop up street scene of tall townhouses was located at the entrance to Spa Fields, in close proximity to Exmouth Market. The decorative houses were clad with Hakwood Wall Tiles, where each house had its own unique pattern, but shared the same colour palette.

The hidden rooms were placed at various heights to invite visitors to interact with the installation and ‘discover’ all the spaces.

Each of these miniature scenes contained Hakwood flooring and were decorated by a different architectural practice from the South East London community to create a truly diverse mix of design styles.

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