How We Use SOLIDWORKS® CAD Design Software At Shape London

SOLIDWORKS® is a widely recognised software package that spans multiple industries. Whether you’re an electronics engineer or a bespoke joiner, like us, the likelihood is that you’ve at least heard of SOLIDWORKS®. Most of those that use this state-of-the-art CAD design software continue to do so as no other application can match its capabilities. We use it to turn our concepts into tangible installations.

The Industry Benchmark

Millions of engineers and tens of thousands of companies across the world use SOLIDWORKS®, a ‘solid modelling computer-aided design (CAD design) and computer-aided engineering application’. On paper, that might not sound like something that directly correlates with what we do here at Shape London, but this technology allows us to model and test our designs, as well as those of architects and interior designers, transforming ideas into complete 3D models. SOLIDWORKS® is the industry standard for engineering and design and it’s clear to see why. We’re able to resolve details and coordinate complex installations even before fabrication, alleviating challenges and issues down the line

When faced with limited timeframes and complex designs, SOLIDWORKS® offers our experts enhanced precision and intelligence. This pioneering CAD design software allows peace of mind for both ourselves and our clients through the innovative way in which we can fully test and resolve a design in 3D before fabrication. Throughout the process, we can quickly modify our parametric models through even the smallest adjustments to certain variables and driving sketches.

Bringing Concepts To Life With CAD Design

A Shape London project is an ongoing process that is likely to change when our team uncovers unexpected challenges or when design choices fluctuate at the request of the client. Something that might seem as insignificant as adding an extra drawer to a cabinet or extending the length of a custom kitchen island could have resulted in the misalignment of an installation. Each element is intricately designed to ensure perfect positioning and a seamless fitting process, which is why changes need to be managed and accounted for in the most efficient way. SOLIDWORKS® facilitates this.

While navigating a project from start to finish without the need for any updates to our plans would be fantastic, in an ideal world, it simply isn’t realistic and there needs to be room for a degree of flexibility. With SOLIDWORKS®, we can adjust measurements as and when the need arises, automatically updating our CAD design models, saving us time and ensuring no risk of delays to a project’s programme. We have invested a significant amount of time developing these systems and incorporating this intelligence into our models because everything depends on each model being constructed correctly and in accordance with a predetermined standard.

Kickstart Your Next Project With Shape

We’re able to ensure a high-quality final product every single time thanks to the level of care and attention to detail afforded to us by this system. While our experts draw upon years of experience and expertise to monitor these variables manually, we’re only human and nothing quite compares to the sophistication of a CAD design system like SOLIDWORKS®. It is a powerful tool and, when wielded by our skilled team, it makes for a formidable combination. After all, a tool is only as good as its operator. Find out more here.

If you’d like to work with Shape on your next project, whether as a client or a contractor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and take advantage of our industry-leading processes. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for design inspiration.

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